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Living the Dream, Working With Matthew Bourne and New Adventures

As one term comes to a close and a new term begins, we like to look back at all the things our students have achieved so far this academic year.

In September, third year student, Holly Saw was lucky enough to perform alongside Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures. She danced in the premiere tour of his ‘Romeo and Juliet’, as part of the Young Cast.

This new interpretation retold the classic story but in an institution in a dystopian future. ‘I found performing in a full length production with such an intense and traumatic story line both hugely challenging and fulfilling. I loved the experience of building my character and exploring her journey through plot line. Like in all Bourne’s work there were great moments of comedy but these seemed to make the tragedy all the more heartbreaking. After every show I felt completely emotionally exhausted as well as physically.’

The entire production was focused on talent development for the next generation of artists. The Young Cast Scheme gave a few selected dancers, who were still in training, the opportunity to work alongside the company through various intensives spanning a year, and culminating in a weeks rehearsal and the week of shows. During the intensives Holly was coached by New Adventures dancers and artistic staff, including the Young assistant choreographer Arielle Smith.

‘Being part of the Young Cast was one of the most fantastic opportunities I’ve ever had, as it gave me an invaluable insight into life in a professional company. To dance right next to artists who have inspired me throughout my training, in class, rehearsals, and performances was so inspiring!.’

Whilst reflecting on her experiences Holly adds,

‘One of the highlights for me, was taking our bow every night in front of the sold out auditorium surrounded by the New Adventures company. It was completely surreal as it’s been a life long dream of mine and something I’ll never forget!’


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