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The Foundation Year is a practical, performance-based programme that helps students who have the potential for full time vocational training but not yet the necessary technical standard required for entry.

The course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge you need to continue onto your Honours degree. Students on the course will study a range of subjects that will underpin their future study and also gain valuable experience of vocational training, with full access to the School's facilities.

On successful completion of the course, graduates will automatically be awarded a place to study on the School's degree course.



The primary focus of the Foundation course is classical ballet and the preparation process for advanced training.


Following a daily ballet class, students will partake in several classes in Pointe Work/Men’s Technique, Virtuosity, Repertoire and Variations to provide a well-rounded classical training.


In addition, students will also develop skills in Contemporary Dance, Technical Jazz Technique, Body Conditioning and Choreography. A unique aspect of the Foundation course is the integration of physical and mental well-being within the programme, this aims to help students develop skills of resilience, empowerment and independence throughout the year and help students make a smooth transition into vocational training.


The Foundation course is delivered full-time Mon-Fri and follows the same term structure as the BA (Hons) Ballet Performance programme.

Modules of Study include;


Foundation skills in Classical Ballet

Foundation skills in Technical Jazz

Foundation skills in Contemporary Dance

Physical and Emotional Wellbeing in Dance

Creativity in Choreography

Academic skills for the Performing Arts

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