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New Year, New Term, New Faces

This year has been a challenging one for most regarding the pandemic and the restrictions in place for the country as a whole. That said, we are happy to share that we have returned to the studios for the start of the academic year, with all years of study partaking in their classes across all genres. Some necessary modifications have been made to our time table to ensure the studios remain safe for all. That said we are pleased that we are operating as close to normal as possible, with face to face classes.

At the start of each academic year we take a full school photo, however, due to safety measures in place this was not possible. Instead we have captured class photos for each year of study. This includes our three years of study for the BA programme as well as our newly launched foundation year course, both validated by the University of West London.

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead and getting to know our new students both in and out the studio. Here's to a great year!


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