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Each year the School presents an annual showcase designed to provide opportunities to perform new work as well as highlights from the classical repertoire. This provides students with a wealth of material to include within their CV, evidencing to future employers their abilities and experiences. 

The showcase features all years of study performing in a range of genres including Classical, Neoclassical, Repertoire, Contemporary and Technical Jazz. 


To be an employable dancer you must be creative, artistic and have the ability to put ideas and concepts into movement. This is why choreography is a crucial element of the timetable across all years of study. 

As a School, we host an annual choreographic competition, judged by an external panel of renowned judges. This provides the students with a focus on their creative work and also a platform to be seen. Inspired by the competition we have seen students further their studies in choreography upon graduating and even create their own dance companies and compete internationally with work created for our internal competitions. 


Students are fortunate to work with the Artistic Director and Rehearsal Director of Ballet Theatre UK on a regular basis. This close contact not only provides them with invaluable training and insight into the working dancer but also provides an opportunity for them to be seen with performance opportunities in mind.

Students of the school have been invited to perform with the company in gala performances and national tours. This work experience provides a true work-based experience which is invaluable when applying for classical companies around the world. 


Students are given numerous external performance opportunities including an annual main stage performance at Move It and various choreography and classical competitions across Europe. This enables the students to not only compete against others to an extremely high standard but also gives them the chance to organise the logistics of the trips with additional guidance in order to ready them for audition planning.