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What Performance Opportunities are there at the School?
We see the importance of performance opportunities and provide several ways in which students can perform. This includes the annual student showcase, full school ballet productions, choreographic competitions as well as performance opportunities with the School's affiliated ballet company, Ballet Theatre UK. Furthermore, students have performed at renowned dance events including Move It as well as attending many dance and choreographic competitions within the UK and around the world. See more by follow the link;


Do I need to wear a Uniform?
Students are required to a wear a uniform as part of their training. However, the School does allow students to wear their own warmup clothes for class. A full list of uniform is issued once your place offer has been confirmed.

What classes do you provide?
We offer a variety of classes in classical ballet, contemporary and jazz which are complimented by academic studies to develop well rounded, intellectual dancers.

For more information about our Level 3 Foundation Year Classes, follow the link below;
For more information about our BA (Hons) Ballet Performance Classes, follow the link below;


Do you offer Student Finance?

As a partner school to University of West London, eligible UK/EU students can access student finance from the Student Loans Company for their tuition fee and have access to a maintenance loan which is to contribute towards living costs while training at the School. For more information visit UWL's website or via the Government website;




Does the School provide Scholarships or Bursaries?
The School does offer internal scholarships in some circumstances. We also offer support for families in seeking further grants and bursaries from a wide variety of charitable organisations. If you require such support please make this known to the audition's coordinator when apply to the School.


Why University of West London?
The School aims to create well rounded classically trained dancers who are able to make their mark in the industry both creatively and intellectually. Our courses, validated by the University of West London, have been created with the support of UWL and the London College of Music to not only train dancers to be the best they can be technically but also challenge the norm and broaden their horizons on an intellectual and contextual level. Each year of study has been carefully designed to form an holistic journey from student to working dancer and covers a wide variety of subjects within dance. For more information about University of West London, visit their website,


What Qualifications will I leave with?
The School runs two full time programmes, a Foundation Year and a BA (Hons) Ballet Performance. Both courses are validated by University of West London. The Foundation Year is a level 3 qualification and students who successfully pass this course will automatically be enrolled into the three year degree programme. The BA (Hons) Ballet Performance degree course is a level 6 qualification.

What if I am unable to complete the Course?
If, for whatever reason, you are unable to complete the course, pending submission of all module work required for that year of study, a student will be able to leave with certification as proof of credit achievement up to the exit point.

Will I be charged for leaving before completing the Course?
Students of the School confirm their enrolment to the course by signing the School's Terms and Conditions, which are approved by University of West London. The School has adopted the University's 'Tuition Fee Policy' regarding withdrawal from the course which clearly identifies what fees are to be paid depending on the time of the academic year a student wishes to withdraw. There is no early termination fee. 

How will I be assessed?
Each year every year of study will partake in two practical assessments in all dance genres (ballet, contemporary and jazz). In addition, Students will be undergo academic assessments scheduled throughout the year to make a harmonious assessment process, ensuring students are not overwhelmed.


Will I be assessed out?
Once enrolled on to the course, the School will support every student through each module. No additional pressure is added to students by removing/withdrawing the lower percentage of students each year, also known as being 'assessed out'. It is the School's responsibility to provide support and feedback throughout the academic process so each student can succeed within the programme. 

Do I need to sign Terms and Conditions to attend the School?
Terms and Conditions play an important part of the Student/School relationship and are set out to provide support for both. We have adopted University of West London's Terms and Conditions, enhanced with expectations and best practice from the dance industry.

What support is there for students at the School?
Students of the School have support in many different ways from a wealth of policies and procedures, approved by University of West London, to a supportive and empathetic staff. In addition, we have peer to peer support programmes in place including Student Representative, Ballet Buddies and an effective Student Council. Should a Student feel they need more in-depth support the School has a list of professionals including physiotherapists, nutritionist, mindfulness coaches and councillors who can offer independent and confidential support. Furthermore, as a partner of University of West London, students of the School can access a wealth of support via their online literature and contacts if required. For more information see our Student Support page, 



Do I need to live in Student Accommodation?
Students of the School can choose to stay in accommodation provided by the School although it is not mandatory. Students who live within travelling distance may stay at home with their family and commute daily. Should a student choose to live independently, they should ensure that they are able to travel to the School with ease, checking transport links if applicable, to avoid disruption to their attendance.

What age can I attend the full time School?
Students can attend either the Foundation Year Course or the BA (Hons) Ballet Performance from the age of 16. Prospective students and their families should discuss the reality of moving away from home and should only do so if they feel ready. Also as a School we do allow students to enter into the first year of either course at 18+, therefore students who feel moving away from home at 16 is too overwhelming should consider auditioning at 18.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team today. Please either call on 01455 254 921 or email

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