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As a School we support all our students and encourage an environment where students can be heard, playing an important part in the continuation of the School’s development.

Student support, also known as pastoral care, looks at the wellbeing of students not just within the studio/academic environment. This is done in many ways such as;

  • 1-1 Meetings – New students partakes in 1-1 meetings with non teaching staff where students have the opportunity to discuss their studies, the School experience, seek support on matters that may be of concern. Staff can then support and advise where possible and suggest additional support structures if required. All students can request a 1-1 meeting at any time if additional support is required. 

  • Mentoring – Students received regular 1-1 and group mentoring with dance faculty throughout the academic year. This not only provides support and helps develop personal growth, but also gives students time to ask more personal questions that may enhance their individual advancement. 

  • Independent Listener – In addition to the 1-1 meetings and mentoring Students can speak to an independent listener who is not a member of the school faculty. These experienced safeguarding professionals will be able to discuss areas of concern regarding a student's mental health and wellbeing and provide another level of support in a neutral environment.

  • Out of Hours Contact – Students of the School, living in student accommodation have access to 24 hour support for any issues outside of school hours.




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In addition to this open support from staff, students can also benefit from our peer to peer support system. These methods include;

  • Student Representatives/Student Council – Our Student Council is a peer voted committee of members of the student body from each year group. Our Head Boy and Head Girl work with the elected students and are joined by our Course Coordinator and School Administrators. The student body are encouraged to raise areas of discussions with their fellow student representatives and this will be discussed at the regular council meetings

  • Ballet Buddies – In addition to our Student Representatives we have a  selection of students who volunteer as a ‘Ballet Buddy’. This works really well, especially for our new students joining each academic year, as our buddies have been at the School for at least one year of study. Each new student will know who the buddies are. They will help our new students settle into their new school, the local area and offer an additional level of support

  • Head Boy/Head Girl – Our Head Boy and Head Girl are selected by Senior Faculty and are representatives of the Third Year who embody the ethos of the School and have an outstanding mindset towards learning but are also are approachable. Students are encouraged to seek support from our Head Boy and Head Girl as they have experienced all years of study, understand what its like to live away from home and the demands of vocational training. They can offer support and first hand guidance which is an invaluable tool.


As a School we empower our students to have their say. The ‘Student Voice’ is essential for the development of the School and its courses. This starts with the continuous work of our Student Representatives and hard working Student Council, but also through our new digital surveys. By keeping aware of the needs of the Students, as well as their overall experience, we can take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and happiness of all. 

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