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The School of Ballet Theatre UK is proud to work in partnership with the University of West London in the development and delivery of our BA (Hons) Ballet Performance.

The course provides each student with elite vocational training combined with professional performance experience to develop the skills required to successfully transition from a student to a professional dancer.

Students on the course will gain a unique experience by working alongside Ballet Theatre UK, one of the countries leading touring classical companies.

Ballet Theatre UK tour nationally with new work and iconic classical productions with its acclaimed company of international dancers.

Working alongside professional dancers, in the studio and on stage, allows unprecedented access to life as a professional dancer and provides invaluable experiences to further develop the graduate to prepare them for their first steps into the industry.




The primary focus of the course is ballet. Following a daily ballet class, students will partake in several classes in Pointe Work/Men’s Technique, Virtuosity, Pas de Deux, Repertoire and Variations to provide a well rounded classical training. 

In addition, students will also receive classes in contemporary dance, studying the Graham, Cunningham and Limon methods, as well as Technical Jazz Technique to develop versatility, a must for employment post-graduation.

The School places great emphasis on the importance of health and well-being and has created a physical conditioning programme with the aim of developing technical facility by improving strength, flexibility and stamina.

It is essential that all students are both mentally and physically prepared to ensure they reach their greatest potential and therefore a long and successful career.

"I feel incredibly lucky to have a faculty that know me as an individual and truly believe in me. The School offers amazing opportunities which has provided a platform to achieve all of my ambitions and more."

- Graduate Student Holly Saw (Dancer of Ballet DJKT , Czech Republic)

Level 4


Classical Ballet Techniques 1


Ballet Performance Studies:

19th Century Repertoire


Contemporary Dance Techniques 1

Choreography for Solo Performance


Technical Jazz Dance 1

Personal Conditioning for Dance

Level 5

Classical Ballet Techniques 2

Ballet Performance Studies:
20th and 21st Century Repertoire


Contemporary Dance Techniques 2


Choreography for Group Performance

Technical Jazz Dance 2

Advanced Conditioning for Dance

Level 6


Classical Ballet Techniques 3

Ballet Theatre UK: National Tour Experience

Skills in Neo-Classical Ballet Performance

Advanced Independent Choreography

Employment Skills for the Working Dancer




"My time at The School of Ballet Theatre UK as a student was fantastic. I was able to develop my technique and artistry making me feel ready for the industry and my professional career.

I knew from the first time I arrived at the School it was the right place for me. When auditioning for upper schools I was very much aware that they needed to offer three key elements. Firstly good teaching from industry professionals, secondly a supportive environment for me to learn and develop. The final element, which was key for me, was the chance to train vocationally whilst studying towards a qualification that would set me up for my future, beyond performing professionally. 

I feel after my three years of training I was fully prepared for the industry and the support and guidance received from the School enabled me to pursue my dreams."

Graduate Student Emily Boswall (class of 2018)
Former Soloist with Ballet Theatre UK
now dancing with Capital Ballet, London 

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