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Meet Our Head Boy and Girl 2020/21

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Each year the Principal and school faculty elect a Head Boy and Girl who are students that embody the true ethos of the School. They are dedicated to their training and are great role models for other students at the School. This year Michael Maple and Chrissie Allen were selected and are proud to hold this title.

We have spoken with both about their new role, as well as life at the School this year. Upon hearing the news Michael said,

“I wanted to be Head Boy, even from first year, as representing the school is something I am very passionate about. I feel so proud to be at BTUK and to be able to have an input into the School and its progression is more than I could have ever hoped for”.

Chrissie added,

“I am pleased to have been chosen for the role of Head Girl this year as I would like to be a friendly face to all students and would like to help them in any way I can”.

We asked them both how they have found their training so far at the School. Chrissie said,

“What I enjoy most about the school is that everyone gets personal feedback in class due to the ideal number of students in each year. The highlights of my training so far, is the many repertoire that we learn in classes. It's a great opportunity to experience what it’s like to perform and express your artistic side”.

Michael added,

“What I enjoy the most about BTUK is its atmosphere. It really feels like a second home and a place where my personal motivation has always been able to be at its highest. I feel encouraged to work hard and nurtured to do so in the most efficient way possible. The teaching received has really stuck with me and has helped me progress immensely as an artist”.

Finally, looking ahead to what is a challenging year for all, we asked them both what their focus was for their last year of training and what goals they had for the future.

Chrissie said

“This year my main focus will be developing my technique and material to a professional standard for employment. I aim to succeed in getting a career in performing arts, keeping my options open beyond ballet in other genres like contemporary and jazz”.

Michael ended by saying,

“My focus for this year is to continue to push myself to my limits and try to become the best and most employable version of myself possible. The degree course at the School is a fantastic contributor to this process. In the future, my ambition is to join a top-level classical company and work my way up the ranks. Although ambitious, I feel that my training at BTUK has pushed me in the perfect direction to be able to achieve this goal”.

We are so proud of our Head Boy and Girl and know they will work hard this year and continue to be exceptional role models for their peers and an excellent support to the student body as a whole.


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