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Spring Showcase 2019

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Congratulations to all our hardworking students on another fantastic Spring Showcase. The feedback from audience members and critics has been overwhelming and very well deserved.

The Showcase featured 20 pieces from multiple genres including classical repertoire, contemporary and jazz. The showcase features the entire school, with students from all three years of study. It is an evening of celebration providing friends and families, as well as those interested in attending the school, a chance to see what the students have been working towards throughout the year.

The Dancing Times came to watch the performance and were blown away by the talent on display. Congratulations to second year student, Holly Saw, who was highlighted as a standout performer, in all her performances who was noted for having great technique and a lot of stage presence. David Mead of the Dancing Times reported,

"It was second year student Holly Saw who particularly caught my eye. Her natural smile lit up the stage and told everyone she was clearly enjoying every moment of it. Even better, she has the technique to match, seeming to breathe with the music and showing lovely épaulement."

First year student Michael Maple was also picked out as one to watch,

"Michael Maple, still in his first year and who already demonstrated some strong lifts and excellent pirouettes in Les Sylphides, showed plenty of lightness and ballon in his batterie."(in Flower Festival in Genzano).

The highlight of the show was Les Sylphide restaged by Juliana Moraes with special mentions to Charlotte Davis for her jazz pieces ('One' from A Chorus Line and 'Mind Block' a new contemporary jazz fusion inspired by Mental Health Awareness week, which coincided with the showcase week. Gwénaëlle Poline Santos and Emily Norman were noted for strong classical and neoclassical choreography which were strongly performed with great intention. Well done to all the students and staff on another wonderful show, let the countdown begin for next years performance! #Springshowcase2020

Images taken by @DancePro_Photography


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