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Professional Work Experience for Students Touring the Country in Ballet Classic

One of the unique opportunities whilst studying at the School is working along side the professional ballet company, Ballet Theatre UK.

Established in 2008 the company now tours with a company of 22 international dancers from classical institutions such as The Royal Ballet School, Stuttgart Ballet School and Hamburg Ballet School to name but a few. This creates a dynamic mix of dancers all bringing new styles and techniques to the studio.

At times during training some students are invited to join the company dancers to work in projects or productions to provide a unique insight as well as additional training. This year Rose Hardiman, Megan Hill and Katie Norman was invited to join the company for the rehearsal process of Swan Lake, where they were able to not only take class with the company on a regular basis but also dance in the production within the corps.

When discussing this amazing opportunity with the students Katie said,

“I was very pleased to be invited to the company rehearsal by the Artistic Director and even more thrilled to have the opportunity to dance within the production. As part of this work experience I learned Swan Corps and understudied elements of Act III. Learning the production was fun but dancing alongside such incredible dancers was uplifting, inspiring and made me know I wanted nothing more than to dance professionally in a ballet company”

The girls danced in several theatres across the country and gained professional work credits on their ever growing CV’s, better preparing them for a professional dance career.

Megan adds

“Whilst training as a dancer you have a bucket list of things you wish to achieve in your career I think as a female ballet dancer Swan Lake is top of the list. Working with the company on this production was an incredible experience and better prepared me for a classical career and has inspired me to take an offer of working internationally in Vienna next season. I am grateful for this opportunity and have so many amazing memories from my time with the company whilst on tour”

Great work ladies, you all worked so hard and represented the School and Company with true professionalism.


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