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International Winners for Leading Choreographic Event in Belgium

Congratulations to our six students who took an exciting journey to Belgium to compete within the International Choreography Competition ‘Dance Creations’. Featuring work created by Associate Choreographer of Ballet Theatre UK, Emily Norman, the ladies had the opportunity to perform within two out of the four categories featured within the competition, including classical ballet and their brand new ‘creations’ category, which was introduced this year.

We are proud to share that not only did the School place first in both the 'Classical' and 'Creations' categories, winning gold within both categories, but they also won the award for the 'Highest Scoring Piece' within the entire competition.

Stella Casson Du Mont, a second year student who attended the competition said,

Having the opportunity to perform and compete within Belgium’s Dance Creation was incredible and an experience I will never forget. It has allowed me to gain invaluable experience and has allowed me to understand the pressures of competing against internationally high standard dancers. I hope to carry everything I have learnt with me as I approach my final year and start auditioning.

Associate Choreogrpahyer, Emily Norman adds,

What a success! Congratulations to the dancers involved for all your hard work and commitment. The late night rehearsals and long journey certainly paid off. So proud of you all!

We echo Emily's thoughts and are so immensely proud our students and staff on a wonderful achievement!


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