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Fantastic Start for First Year Students

As we approach Christmas and the end of our first term, we wanted to reflect with our first-year students on their experience at the School and discuss how they are adapting to the fast-paced, hard-working life of a student at a classical ballet school.

We have caught up with Lucy and Daisy to see what they had to say on their first few weeks with us.

Along with the academic work towards the BA (Hons) degree, the students have an extensive physical timetable including Ballet, Pointe/Variations, Repertoire, Pas De Deux, Contemporary, Technical Jazz and Body Conditioning; the School has launched a new advanced timetable, which is run after the school day has finished.

Advanced Classes include Advanced Ballet, Variation Coaching, Repertoire, Contemporary, Jazz Heels and Jazz Pas De Deux. As first-year students, they are thrilled to have the privilege of being picked to attend these classes and are really thriving with attendees from all year groups. Lucy stating,

My experience at BTUK so far has been inspirational and invigorating due to the enthusiastic atmosphere from both the students and teachers.”

As well as the auditioned Advanced Classes, there is also the option of continuing the student’s RAD examinations through to the Advanced 2 grade with our strong link to the RAD through our faculty’s continued CPD. When asked about her first half term Daisy said,

“My time so far at The School of Ballet Theatre UK has been engaging and exciting and I have loved being surrounded by passionate and motivated people every day. The support from the teachers and their determination for us to succeed has been amazing and I am looking forward to continuing my journey here.”

Away from the studio the students have had two school trips so far this term to continue to inspire their artistic growth. First up was the incredibly heart-wrenching performance of Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham. We had the added benefit of a wonderful Q&A with Sir Matthew Bourne himself after the performance, which was truly inspiring to a young generation of creatives. The second performance at the Curve Theatre, Leicester being treated to the Phoenix Dance Theatre with The Rite of Spring/ Left Unseen, a wonderful evening of modern dance.

We don’t know how we managed to fit it all in, but it has been an excellent start to the student's journey with us here at The School of Ballet Theatre UK and we look forward to seeing what you will all achieve in the coming years!


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