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International Scholarship Success, Milwaukee Ballet

This summer four of our male students travelled across the Atlantic to partake in the Milwaukee Ballet Summer Intensive on a full scholarship. This six-week programme provided intensive training led by an incredible team of teachers and coaches which was rounded up with an end of programme performance.

Before leaving for America, third year student, Bayley Webster, said

“I am so excited to gain this opportunity, having a full scholarship to attend has enabled me to do something I would not otherwise been able to do. I am looking forward to meeting new people and working with new teachers. I am thankful to the School for this opportunity and I am looking forward to what is to come!”

We caught up with now 2nd year student, Michael Maple to discuss his experiences,

"The whole thing was incredible from start to finish. It has inspired me so much and I can't wait to bring all I've learnt back to the studio and apply it to my training. I would like to thank Mr Moore for organising our audition for the scholarship and to the School for allowing me to attend. I will definitely be applying again next year!"


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