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The School of Ballet Theatre UK’s Men’s Ballet Course is pleased to offer aspiring male dancers aged between 16-21 the extraordinary opportunity to receive three years of year-round, uninterrupted ballet training with renowned instructors and mentors AND receive a BA (Hons) Ballet Performance qualification validated by University of West London.

As a BTUKS student, you will experience:


  • Technique classes, men's classes and partnering classes all taught by world-class faculty.

  • Personalised training focused on individual needs and development.

  • Personalised strength training to make you a stronger dancer and partner.

  • On-stage performance opportunities in multiple school productions along with professional touring experience with the Ballet Theatre UK company.

  • Mentorship by current staff and company members

  • The camaraderie of working alongside other male dancers and a male dance faculty.


"My time at the School has been incredible. The training has been so inspiring and enabled me to grow and develop as a dancer. One of the best elements is having the opportunity to work alongside the professional male dancers of the company really has inspired me to work hard and achieve my dreams"

- Second Year Student Michael Maple (British Ballet Grand Prix Gold Medalist) 


What does the 2020-2023 Male Scholarship include:

  • 2020-2023 Academic years tuition, worth £27,750
    (excluding registration fee)

  • 2020-2023 Accommodation scholarship of £5000 towards student housing

  • 2020-2023 Participation on all BTUKS organised holiday courses.


How to apply:

Due to the current pandemic, we will be accepting digital audition applications. Aspiring male dancers between the ages of 16-21 must complete the digital application form below and upload a video file.

We appreciate that it may be challenging to create a detailed audition video at this time, we are asking applicants to create a short video of barre work only, no longer than 15 mins, that includes:

  • A short personal message (approximately 1 min) telling BTUKS about you, your ambitions and dance training to date.

  • Simple barre work that must be shown on alternating sides and include Plies, Tendu’s, degage, Rond de jambe, Fondues, Adagio and Grand Battements.

  • Optional Extra Footage: A performed variation/solo that may have already been filmed as part of a performance or examination (we do not expect applicants to create variation videos at home in unsafe environments, applications will be accepted without this)

Application criteria:

Applicant must be between the ages of 16-21 as of September 10th 2020.

The successful applicant will be required to observe BTUK terms and conditions while studying.

Successful applicant must hold a valid UK/EU passport or residency visa.

Scholarships are valid for September 2020 entry only.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for applications has now passed, however, if you are still interested in applying please contact a member of the team to discuss how to apply. 


Got a question for us?

Please contact Julie Phayre, School Administrator, via email -


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