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The School of Ballet Theatre UK’s Men’s Ballet Course brings together young men through a shared passion for dance and a common drive to become the best dance artist they can. The program delivers focused training, performance opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring to help young men achieve growth and success in the professional dance world.


The Men’s Ballet Course curriculum runs in conjunction with the School's BA (Hons) Ballet Performance degree and combines men’s focused technique classes in classical ballet, contemporary dance and technical jazz along with classical variations, pas de deux and jazz partner work, body conditioning and strength training to cultivate refined, versatile and powerful dancers. The timetable provides all the classes required to develop male dancers ready for the industry whilst still ensuring the delivery of the degree programme to provide the dancers with a credible qualification for the rest of their lives. 


Students on the course will establish a strong foundation through daily technique classes and benefit from specific areas of focus including pirouettes and allegro to achieve a refined masculine presentation. Careful consideration is also placed on the understanding of the responsibilities required to become a strong and dependable dance partner.




"The focused and dedicated training for men at the School is second to none. I was able to develop my technique and become a strong dancer and solid partner enabling me to progress into my classical career with confidence"

- 2019 Graduate Student Bayley Webster (Company Dancer Plovdiv State Opera, Bulgaria)


Becoming a professional dancer is more than logging hours in the studio and performing on stage and our Men's Ballet Course is a programme designed to help young male dancers become skilled, empowered and resilient artists.


Benefits of studying on The Men’s Ballet Course are;

  • Technique classes, men's classes and partnering classes all taught by world-class faculty

  • Personalised strength training to make you a stronger dancer and partner

  • On-stage performance opportunities in school performances and professional productions, including professional tour experience with Ballet Theatre UK.

  • Mentorship by current professional dancers and staff

  • The camaraderie of working with many other male dancers, professionals and teachers

  • Personal training and feedback focused on you and individual needs.


"I find the one to one style of training on offer at the School has really enabled me to develop my technique and become the best I can be"

- 2018 Graduate Student Austin Bladon (Matthew Bourne's New Adventures, Young Cast)

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